Farsi Patient Handouts

Settlement (Orientation, Screening, Legal)

Refugee Hearing Preparation: A Guide for Refugee Claimants (Kinbrace)  [English]

Mental Health

Coping with stress (CAMH) [English]
GAD-7  [English]
PHQ9  [English]
Progressive muscle relaxation  [English]
PTSD [English]

Women's Health & Pregnancy

Common discomforts of pregnancy (Turkish)
Menstruation (USCRI)  [English]
Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (Turkish)  [English]
Prenatal genetic screening
Pap Tests and Mammography (USCRI)  [English]


Iron-rich foods
Thalassemia disease and trait  [English]

Diabetes, Nutrition & Lifestyle

Diabetes | Diet
HBGM record sheet
Healthy eating | portion size
Heart healthy eating | cholesterol
Insomnia | Hints for Better Sleep  [English]
Smoking Cessation (HealthLink BC)  (English)
Diabetes (USCRI)  [English]

Infectious Disease

Hepatitis B   [English]
HIV (USCRI)   [English] 

General Medical

Headaches  [English]

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